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Knowing the Types and Shapes of Artist Brushes

By: Anamika Swami

Every painter requires the right set of artist brushes to paint different types of canvas. Paint brushes are available in different sizes, materials and types. Choosing the appropriate paint brush is quite significant in creating beautiful and lively paintings. Many renowned artists are known to select the best paint brushes made from the exquisite hair of animals.

The correct and appropriate paint brush is usually chosen on the basis of three factors mainly the ability of the brush to hold the paint, the ability to make a single point and the relative elasticity of the paint brush. There are many varieties of artist brushes available today and it is easy to differentiate and identify them, provided you know your paint brushes well enough. 

Various Shapes in Artist Brushes

An artist requires quite a number of brushes of different shapes and sizes to meet various requirements. The most common shapes of artist brushes include round, filberts, mops, liners, fans and flats. Each brush has its unique features and is used for specific purposes. 

The flat paint brush is usually used for filling areas with broad strokes. The round brushes are more commonly used by beginners though it is one of the most versatile artist brushes. For the purpose of blending colors, the filbert paint brush is more commonly and widely used. 

Understanding the Materials Used for Artist Brushes

Artist brushes are usually made of either natural or synthetic hair. The paint brushes which are made of the natural hair of animals are known as natural brushes and it is quite expensive. Among the natural brushes, a painter can find a huge variety and can choose accordingly. 

Some of the most popular and expensive natural brushes include Squirrel hair, the Kolinsky Sable, Bristles and the Pure Red Sable. The bristles of these paint brushes are made of the hair of animals such as squirrels, horse, goat and sable. 

Among the most popular and expensive artist brushes include the Kolinsky Sable paint brushes which are made from the hair of sable. It is one of the softest paint brushes with long beautiful tips. It is suitable for water color paints and is available in different mediums. 

Another variety of natural paint brush includes the squirrel hair which is very absorbent and soft. It can be used in water colorsFind Article, tempera and so forth. It has the ability to hold a huge amount of paint. 

The Pure Red Sable is another type of natural paint brush which is soft and suitable for all types of paints. It requires proper care and should be maintained in order to ensure best results. 

The synthetic paint brushes are less expensive but there are many varieties that prove to be as unique as the natural hair brushes. Most of these artist brushes are imbibed with the same qualities of the natural hair brushes but it can be bought at a lesser price. The two common varieties include the white synthetic and the orange synthetic brushes. There are many online stores that offer a variety of paint brushes at affordable rates.

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