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Care For Your Portrait Painting

By Azalea Wright

Like other valuable materials, portrait painting must be also cared to maintain its beauty. Thus, a proper maintenance and practices towards your painting will allow it to live longer.

An excellent portrait painting is already delivered in your home. Then, the responsibility in caring for it is transferred to the owner of the product. Like other print materials, portrait painting product must also given enough care to ensure its life longevity and beauty. Your chosen printer may assure you that it is made with the resistant materials, but then , you should remember that those materials will be useless if you will not take an initiative to care and maintain the artwork.

Portrait painting is an ideal decoration in any rooms. You might be hanging it inside your bedroom, living room, kitchen or even in your office. Remember, if you want to hang it, you should see to it that the strand used is high quality,braided and attached to the frame with the use of jointed eyes. You must not settle for a single hook only for there's a tendency that the artwork would fall unexpectedly. Thus, you are encouraged to have two hooks that are capable of supporting the heavy weight of the portrait painting.

Sunlight is also the cause of damages in any printing materials. Portrait painting is not an exception, thus, it is important to put it in the place that cannot be reached by a direct sunlight. The effect of ultraviolet rays may not be visible in the couple of days but the cracks and the cumulative damages will be evident through years. Hence, the most safest place is inside the room that is protected by curtains.

It is not ideal to display, put or keep your portrait painting in the place where there's a sudden change in temperature. This is because a change from too high to too low temperature will lead to the contraction and expansion of the frame and the painting itself. The effect will be the construction damages and rippling of the prints. Remember that the temperature must be in between ten to twenty-five degree Celsius. Plus, you have to use a humidifier if you are living in the place near the coastal or humid area.

Liquids and other wet materials are enemies of any printing materials . A single moist might destroy the print of the portrait, so if possible, it is an advice not to put the portrait painting in the place reachable by water. Like other valuable things, portrait painting needs proper care and maintenance to ensure its beauty through years. The dirt and dust must be cleaned professionally and carefully to avoid damages. As what is mentioned earlier, you must avoid moist and water to maintain the beauty of the canvas. But then, you might encounter accident where the artwork gets wet. With this instance, you have to contact a professional artist to repair the damages as immediately as possible. It is important to know that the repair of the portrait painting must be done before the molds start to appear.

You might have a portrait that is designed with the unvarnished appearance. Well, maybe, this might not be essential but it is an additional beauty and protection to the artwork. To enhance the surface luster, you can apply a matt, semi-gloss or gloss surface finish. But thenArticle Submission, you do this after six months to allow the hardening of the portrait painting.

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About the Author

Azalea Wright is a photography and visual arts enthusiast who writes articles about portrait painting. She has numerous collections of paintings including oil portraits, pet portraits and a lot more.