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10 Ways to Shift Your Thinking to Create Your Dream

by Fia Crandall

I imagine you want to begin to attract a more amazing reality.  To get started, you will want to begin to develop unlimited thinking.  Unlimited thinking can help you to create amazing results in your life, rather than the same old reality you're used to. The following are 10 ways to help shift your thinking and energy to allow your desires to come to you naturally:

  1. Believe that the universe is abundant! Believing that unlimited abundance is possible is the first step towards creating unlimited abundance as your reality.
  3. Allow yourself to dream! Your imagination is a gift, and it is an important tool in moving beyond your current reality. Setting aside time for dreaming of what you would like to create aligns your energy with what you want, and begins the process of attracting your desires.
  4. Focus on what you want, NOT on what you don’t want! We attract based on our energy, if you are focusing on all of the things you don’t want, you end up attracting exactly that as your energy is aligned with what you do not want. This often happens after leaving something on a bad note like a relationship or job. It is usually quite clear what you do not like about your old partner or job, but if you don’t shift your focus to what you would like, you will end up attracting more of the same.
  5. Ask yourself: What would I like to have?  For some reason, when beginning to develop unlimited thinking, people naturally tend to think in terms of what they think is possible and can actually see happening based on their current situation. We see what is directly in front of us and get stuck trying to figure out how our desires can be created. Ask yourself what you would like, then leave the HOW up to the universe! The neat thing about creating with your thoughts and energy is that you don’t have to know how it can happen. Step out of the way and leave this part to the universe. Be open to it happening in an unexpected way that you can not yet see, and let go of the outcome; this is a far more effective way to create what you want quickly and easily.
  6. Erase the word BUT from your vocabulary! Whenever you are spending time thinking about what you want and you notice yourself using the word BUT, it is a clear sign that you are practicing LIMITED thinking. You are not thinking of what you would like to create, but are thinking of what you think is possible at this moment. Let the universe decide if it is possible and for your highest good. Be creative and think in terms of possibilities rather than probabilities.
  7. Push the RESET button for your mind! Stop your mind once in a while by meditating, using a relaxation technique, or anything else that works for you. Try it right now by closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths and focusing your attention inside your body, notice the energy running through you – a simple way to stop the mind that can be used anytime. Stopping the mind opens a doorway for inspiration and higher thoughts to come to you from your higher self, increasing your energy level and helping you to attract more of what you want.
  8. Detach from the outcome! Let your desires come to you in whatever way is best and let it be okay if they do not come at all. Maybe the universe has something bigger or better in store for you! Accept that you may not see the bigger picture and trust in the wisdom of the universe.
  9. Let go of the expectation that it will take a long time or be a lot of work to create what you want. If you believe it will be difficult or will take a long time to create what you want, it will. One way to create what you want is through hard work and struggle, which is fine, but unnecessary. Ask for what you want, let it go, and follow any intuitions you have about what actions to take. Following your intuition provides the quickest and easiest way to making your desires a reality.
  10. Live in the moment! Although it is important to spend time thinking about what you want, continually focusing on the future takes you out of the present moment. If you can not be fully present in the moment now, you may not be able to enjoy your newly created desires when they become reality, as you may still be living in the future.
  11. Embrace your journey of inner growth and transformation! Your energy must match the energy of what you would like to create in order for it to come to you. In order to change your energy you may have to release old limiting beliefs, blocked energy, forgive yourself or others and more. There are many resources for helping you on your journeyHealth Fitness Articles, ask the universe for help when you need it and it will come to you in the right form for you.


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Fia Crandall is a Mechanical Engineer who followed her true passion, being an Inspirational Coach and Healer with her company Intuitions. She helps people create what they truly want in their lives, helping them overcome the internal blocks and challenges faced on this path of manifesting their dream.

Visit to receive her FREE E-Course: "3 Steps to Manifesting Your Big Dream with Ease and Joy"!

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