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Art Supplies Should Not Collect Dust

by - Jhonny Vaz

While looking in the attic you may run across an unmarked box. You open it up and discover the Art Supplies that you packed up many years ago. You may have had your reasons for packing them away but now might be a good time to get them out and use them. You were younger then and now you have had more time to experience the world. Some of that experience could translate into a masterpiece on canvas.

With this age has definitely come some wisdom. Patience has led you further than anything else in life. You are now at the point where you want to leave a legacy for your children. Something that the kids can be proud of and that will stay with them for their lives. Perhaps you are finding this kind of sentiment very important in your life.

Money and fame were not what you were after when you first bought the supplies. You wanted to define yourself with art. You wanted to make a mark on the world and express your individual identity. Well that may have gotten lost along the days that led you to here. It happens to the best of them. You want to be a part of history and art can give you that chance.

Maybe finding this box has given you a rush of memory. Maybe you are starting to feel young again. The paint has lasted all of these years. The canvas is still awaiting your inspiration. It seems that this is a great opportunity to start again. It is time to mix that life experience with linseed oil and paint a picture.

It happens to many people. Responsibility sometimes forces people to put away childish things. In order to make a living it is sometimes important to focus on one thing. This is what became of the dreams and the dreams of those before you probably also met with a similar demise.

It is now time to correct this error. Your kids might not have even known that you could paint. Of course, children can be the harshest critiques. Criticism should be used to make one strive to be better. You might not be the best painter, but the art can fill a void in your life. Each day of practice leads to better painting.

As with any other skill is must be practiced. One thing that has not changed about painting, it is really messy. That is the attraction of art to the kids. This is a fun way to make a mess without being scolded. That is what many see in art also. It is a fun way to be messy and not be yelled at from anyone else.

Try to put time aside each week to work on art projects. Also try to include the children in this activity as well. Children often times appreciate the bonding experience with their parent. Even though they may not show it right away. They can even start their own box of Art Supplies. HopefullyHealth Fitness Articles, they will never close the box on their dreams.

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