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How to Score Paper: Three Available Options

If you work with thicker paper including cardstock, you'll probably have a project that requires you to fold your paper. However, folding thicker stock or paper that's been pre-printed with can be difficult which is why many people choose to score their paper beforehand. Scoring the paper ensures that you'll get a clean fold and that the paper won't crack. It will also make your work look more presentable. There are three different ways you can score your paper. Here they are:

  • Use a dull knife and a straight edge. If you're on a budget, your best solution is using a knife and a straight edge or rule to score your materials. When you do this, you need to be careful not to cut the paper, so don't exert too much pressure. And naturally, you need to exercise caution so you don't accidentally cut yourself. Using a knife and straight edge is a great choice if you don't have a lot of paper to process.

  • Use a rotary trimmer. There are a lot of rotary trimmers on the market and some of them have interchangeable blades that can cut, perforate, and score your paper. Using one of these devices can be very helpful since you can do three different things with it. Also, since the cutter has a designated scoring blade, it's incredibly easy to score your paper without any problem. If you're interested in using a rotary trimmer to score your materials, you'll be glad to know that these cutters are made by good manufacturers like Swingline and Martin Yale. Thus, you can expect to get a lot of use out of the cutter you choose.

  • Use a scorer. If using a knife and straight edge or a rotary trimmer doesn't appeal to you, using a scorer might be the way to go. There are actual machines available that do nothing but scoring and these devices are perfect if you need to score your materials on a regular basis. Using a scorer is very similar to using a rotary trimmer, so operation is quick and easy. Scorers are produced by respected manufacturers such as Lassco Wizer and Standard. If you have a Powis Parker Fastback binding machine, you'll be glad to know that there's a Fastback scorer available. This device comes in really handy if you're creating paperback documents.

Those are the three different scoring options that are available. As to which one you should choose, it depends on your needs. Using a knife and straight edge is helpful if your workload is small and if you want something budget-friendly. Rotary trimmers can be really helpful, especially if you also need to perforate and score your paper. And using a scorer is recommend if you regularly need to score your materials. Keep in mind that no matter which method you chooseArticle Submission, scoring is pretty easy and it's essential if you want to produce professional-looking work. Start scoring your paper and cardstock today so you can make your work look fantastic.



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