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Digital Photography Tips and Tricks Part 1 -- Vacation Photography

Going on holiday? Looking for digital photography tips and tricks? Who does not want to snap a few shots during his or her vacation? Almost every traveler likes taking pictures on vacation. Some of them take it a step further. If you are going for vacation and are taking your digital camera with you, the following information will be invaluable to you. Going through the information you will learn how to transform your trip photography into an elegant and artistic presentation of your memories.

Digital Photography Tips and Tricks #1: Think of a Short StoryWhether you will be on vacation with your family or friends, whether it is a city-trip or a beach holiday, you should think of your photography as a sort of a story. Your vacation story that has a beginning, a middle and an end. Keeping this in mind will help you think chronologically and your photos will reflect this chronology.

Digital Photography Tips and Tricks #2: Think of the PeopleOne of my friends returned from his vacation last week and back home he discovered that he did not get a single photo with his wife. It so happens. We often take photos of sky, sea, beaches, trees, but forget to snap our companions. So, apart from the skylines, the sunsets, and the sights get the people too. When you will be back from your vacation, you would certainly look back and remember your trip. You will want to remember your travel companions, whether they are your friends, family members, or kids.May be you are the key figure in the vacation story. So, do not forget to take pictures of yourself, too. Back home you will want to remember your participation in the journey as more than an invisible observer. You can use the self-timer feature on your camera, or you can try and hold the camera at arm's length to take your picture. 

Digital Photography Tips and Tricks #3: Bring Different CamerasTry to bring several different cameras on your trip away. A simple camera is enough to take photos. But if you have a D-SLR camera, you would be able to shoot quick and candid photos. With such a camera, you can capture every fleeting moment. So, if you bring different types of cameras, you can capture more artful shots, and you'll have greater control over the presentation of the most scenic points of our trip. Thus, for more varied & interesting photographs, use different cameras.

Digital Photography Tips and Tricks #4: Look for Symbolic ObjectsA photographer always remains alert about what happens around him. So, look for the objects that have strong symbolic value to evoke the feelings of your trip. A shot of a sandal half-buried in the sand at the beach, for example, can have a more powerful narrative function than a panoramic view of the ocean. Thus, look for ways to present your surroundings and subjects in subtle, more interesting ways. These are just some simple tips and tricks, and they may seem too simple to be effective. I guess that's part of the secret to it.

They are so obvious that people do not keep them in mind.But apply these digital photography tips and tricks consciously on your next vacation and you will see that magic can happen. With a bit of chronology and use of symbolism, even if it needs to be orchestrated, will lift your vacation photography up to that next level.Shot in the right and chronological way, the pictures will tell your story for you, people will be amazed by what you can accomplish and you won't put your viewers to sleep while narrating the slide show of your latest vacationFind Article, either!

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by - Dominique Vangheel

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