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About drawing paper, canvas and painting board

There are many materials that can be used for painting.

Drawing paper, canvas and painting board are commonly used.

But the beginners should note that no matter which material you choose, please remember to process the painting bottom into no oil absorption or less.    

The characteristic of drawing paper is cheap and easy for processing.Because it does not need to specially manufacture the inside frame, so it is suitable for beginners to use in daily training. But when in use, it should be noted that the drawing paper bought in the market can not be directly used. The correct way is to use knife to suspend one or two layers of special bottom material or emulsion before use. The purpose is to ensure the drawing paper not to absorb oil as much as possible.    

The canvas is the material most used by professional painters and painting learners.

Canvas includes pure linen, cotton blended, and pure cotton cloth. The elasticity of pure linen fabric is the worst, but it has the highest intensity and is not easy to loosen and deform after being framed.

Therefore it is the optimal canvas with the best nature.  But the price is expensive. Most professional painters use pure linen. Cotton and linen canvas has moderate elasticity and price. Many specialized college students use the canvas cotton canvas, whose main advantage of this canvas is cheap and suitable for use in general practice.    

In addition to drawing paper and canvas, some artists also like painting on board, because the board is smooth which can put the painting processing very delicate. But the use of oil painting board costs too much and is not easy to graspScience Articles, so it is not recommended for new users. 

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