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Writers, Turn Your Craft Into Cash

Get Paid To Blog!!

That's correct, there are many companies that would like to pay YOU money to post about their business on your blog.  The rates vary per post and you will need to visit the sites listed below to get all the details such as how much they pay, how often you can post and even how many blogs you can post on. blogitiveblogsvertisepayperpost If you don't have a hosting account or domains, you can get a free hosted blog at wordpress or blogger. I'm not sure what the limitations are about free hosted blogs but you could look over their terms.  With blogger you can also monetize with Google AdSense and other sponsors related to your niches.  Wordpress is a little stricter about advertising.

Write & Submit to Article Directories Sites like the ones below will actually list your article on their site for all of their visitors to read.  This is a great way to generate commissioned sales to different sponsors, direct new traffic to your existing website and help build your popularity in the search engines.  A few of the top Article Directores are listed below but keep in mind that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of Article Directories as well as Blogs and email lists that will accept and publish your articles for you.  All with your "Authors Box" at the bottom of your article!

If you are serious about this method of making money online, you will definitely want to use the services of an article submission service.  I use and recommend article submission services where you can quickly and easily submit an unlimited number of your articles to over 66,107 people on 1,042 article announcement forums, groups, and web sites. Let them handle all of the tedious drudgework for you. Don't spend several hours manually doing the work. Get it done in minutes. Turning Your Articles Into Cash

You can write your own articles and then include links to your sites or to sponsors in the "Authors Bio Box" at the bottom.  Look through some of the articles on the sites above and you'll see what I mean. The trick is to use your article as an informational salesletter with the bio box being used as the "closer" For example, you may write an article about how rust damages your car and shortens the life of it while decreasing the value, etc.. etc.., then in your "Authors Box", you may say something like "Visit XYZ Sponser for free information and/or a kit that will completely eliminate all chances of your vehicle rusting.  For more great information on this and other subjects, visit my site XYZ Site.  Just take a look through some of the Article Directories and spend a little time reading the articles.  Pay attention to which ones organically pull you through the article and make you want to click on a link in their Authors Box.  This shouldn't be any problem for you, you are a writer after all! Sell To People That Can't Write (or just don't want to) Another route you can take is to write PLR (Private Label Rights) articles.  Because so many don't have writing skills, dislike writing or can't think about anything to write about, there is a big market for these.  What you do is write up a pack of niche articles and offer them for resale.  Others are able to use this content for their sites as their own.  You may or may not include "resale rights", that's up to you. These are hot ticket items and you can easily make some nice coin real quick off a good article pack.  I know a place where they snatch these up pretty quick.  You can search Google and find sites where people are buying and selling PLR articles. You could also sell them from your main site and link back to that on each article you personally write and submit.

Writers Are Cashing In On Informational Products Another huge thing is Ebooks!!  People are getting rich selling ebooks!  The ones making the most money though are the ones WRITING them!!  There are several ways to make money doing this.  One way is to sell them through an affiliate service.  The great thing about doing this is that you automatically have 10,000 plus affiliates able to immediately start promoting YOUR ebook for a percentage of the sales, generally in the neighborhood of 50%.

Another way writers are making big bucks with ebooks, is by giving them away.  The purpose of this marketing method is that by giving away a short informational ebook loaded with links to your sponsors, your other ebooks for sale or to build an email marketing list, you will make even more money down the road from these freebies.  Get a good autoresponder and the next thing you know, you are sending out promotional newsletters and automated email sales series to thousands of prospective buyers.  To multiply this effort, you simple allow others to rebrand your ebooks, which is to allow others to insert a few of their own links within your free ebook.  This is generally done through the use of rebranding software.  This is also known as Viral Marketing because it can spread like crazy because each person that receives your free ebook also has the rights to rebrand and distribute it.

These are just a few of the many ways in which skilled writers can turn their abilities into paychecks while working from the comfort of their own homes. For many, the additional income is just a bonus and the real payout is by having their work widely distributed.  Many authors become known as recognized experts in various areas and create quite a loyal following.  As a matter of factBusiness Management Articles, some of the most widely recognized and profitable internet marketers all have that unique ability to write and create that bond with their readers not so unlike your favorite novelists.  Best of luck to you!