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Apple's Live Event, As it Happened

In what was a lightning-speed event, Apple had a lot of ground to cover, introducing two new iPhone 6 devices (the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus) and the new Apple Watch, which Tim Cook says is another game changer from Apple.


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So, here’s the Apple Event as it happened …

  • Tim Cook Takes the Stage. Apple mistakenly streams Chinese language version on Internet. Ooops #appleevent #iphone
  • iPhone is the #1 Smartphone in the world. 98% Satisfaction.
  • Apple dives in with new #iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ 4.7″, 5.5″ Screens. Curved Glass design. #AppleEvent
  • Phil Schiller – #iPhone has IPS Retina HD display with sRGB Active LCD. Ion strengthened glass. Anodized aluminum back #AppleEvent
  • 401 ppi 1920?1080 resolution for #iPhone 6 plus 2 million pixels, 1134?750 iPhone 6, over 1 million pixels.
  • #iPhone 6 has new keyboard keys for cut and paste, horizontal mode home screen. ?"Reachability."
  • Unmodified Apps scale up, but Apple encourages recoding with new SWIFT language.
  • 64-bit A8 processor. 2 Billion transistors, 25% faster but 13% smaller than A7. 84 times faster than orig #iphone
  • 6.9mm thin w curved bezel.
  • #iPhone game play developing “closer to the metal” with less software between game and processor. #applelive
  • Better game performance than next generation gaming consoles.
  • BatteryLife: Equal or better battery life than iPhone5s. 50 hrs audio playback IP6, 80 ip6+. 11/14 hrs vid 11/12 WiFi, 10/12 LTE
  • M8 Processor has barometer built in to sense pressure differences while going up stairs.
  • #iPhone 6 supports Voiceover LTE(VoLTE) #applelive
  • 802.11 AC WiFi. Can make standard calls over WiFi when cellular access is poor.
  • New cameras -?New iSight camera with 8MP, truetone flash, faster focus, larger microns for better low light performance.
  • Phase detection autofocus. Focusing twice as fast. Tone mapping for HDR.
  • 1080p at 30fps or 60fps, Slo-mo video at 120fps or 240 fps, IP6 digital IS, iP6+ optical IS. #applelive
  • F2.2. New Apple Designed video encoder.
  • Brilliant in low light.
  • Focus pixels, continuous focusing in low light when shooting video. Burst mode. Detects smiles and shoots. #iphone #applelive
  • HDR Video. Facetime HD Camera. 81% more light. Burst Selfies. Single Shot HDR Photos.
  • iPhone 6 – Starts at $199 for 16GB, going up to $399 for 128GB. New $299 at 64GB. iPhone 6+ ?starts at $299 to $499.Ships Sept. 19th. ?iPhone 5S now $99, 8GB 5C now free.
  • Pre-order September 12th, ships Sept. 19th.
  • 115 countries by the end of the year.
  • iOS8 out by Sept 17th
  • Payments -- It’s all about the Wallet.
  • Apple Pay -- #ApplePay tied to TouchID with NFC. Add cards with iSight Camera.
  • New Secure Element Chip. Stores cards encrypted and secure. Lose your phone, Use find my iPhone to suspend charges, not cancel cards. #applelive
  • American Express, Master Card, VISA all on board. 83% of all credit card volume. 220,000 merchant locations. #applepay #applelive
  • Online purchasing -- One touch checkout. Onetime payment number. Automatically populates shipping information. Groupon.#applelive

Then there was this …?One more thing ...

We’ve been working a long time on a product we believe will change expectations for this category.?#AppleWatch We set out to make the best watch in the world.

  • Square. 4 health sensors. Saffire face. Accurate to +/- 50 nanoseconds
  • Works seamlessly with iPhone.

"With every product Apple has created, a breakthrough user interface is required. It’s as much about personal technology, as it is about style and taste."

  • Digital Crown, scroll, zoom, and navigate without covering the display.
  • Taptic Engine S1 chip. 4 photo sensors which provide comprehensive picture of daily activity including pulse rate. Wireless charger.
  • Two different sizes with 6 different Easily interchangable straps to change out depending on activity.
  • Watch. Watch Sport. Watch Edition. Three different versions. #applewatch
  • Run different apps. Pan to different app sectors. Change Faces. Rotate crown to change colors. GPS location. Moon phases.
  • Glances. Can control music on iPhone or your computer thanks to OS X Yosemite.
  • Taptic Notifications. Can accept or decline. messages w Quickboard -- optional replies. dictation Audio or Text. Animated Emojis
  • Press digital crown to get SIRI. Get movie showtimes.
  • And Photos! Like a locket of photos. All favorites on iPhone will sync to your watch.
  • Search by dictation or favorites. ?Maps. Directions.Taptic feedback on turns.
  • Digital touch communication. Button below Digital crown gives favorite friends.
  • Watch Kit for Third party apps including Facebook. Twitter. Travel – Boarding info. Unlock your hotel door with a tap. #applewatch
  • Health/Fitness -- Fitness app daily activity, Workout App. Paired w iPhone for GPS data.
  • Use to control your AppleTV.
  • Works with iPhone 6, 6Plus, but also iPhone 5, 5C, 5S.
  • Inductive charging.
  • Starts at $349. avail early 2015
  • Apple Pay will work with Apple Watch.
  • #U2 Bono calls Tim Cook Zen Master of software and hardware. Announces new Songs of Innocence album release now FREE on #iTunes
  • U2 Album exclusive until mid October. #AppleLive Is this a new trend being set?
  • And you don’t have to click on it. It’s already in your purchased albums ready to download! #u2 #applelive

#iPhone6, #iPhone6plus. #AppleWatch, and #U2. That’s it! Apple rocked the house once again! (literally) #applelive

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