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SmallHD Updates Firmware for DP7 Pro Field Monitor

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Fact of the matter is, just about everything we use today is a computer. From cameras to monitors, to even lights, if it has a chip in it, chances are, it’s driven by firmware. Even the new SmallHD DP7 Pro needs an firmware update every once in a while, and ver. 3.0 is a doozy.


The heart of this massive update is the ability of SmallHD to color grade with custom 3D LUT’s which can be loaded before hand via SD Card. Users than then do live color grading with these or do a custom in monitor look on the fly. Then you can send those looks downstream to a client’s or director’s monitor, or export them to SD card to import into a color grading suite like Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve. ?This allows users to correct lighting mistakes before they happen, so you don’t have to reshoot.?Very cool.

Other new features include:

  • Creation of User Looks (3D LUTs or Look Up Tables) In Monitor using Davinci
  • Resolve style tools
  • Ability to use Multiple Looks as Nodes (up to FIVE)
  • Ability to send a Look downstream using Send Out
  • Split Screen View
  • View original image side by side with your Look applied
  • Save & Export Looks created in monitor
  • All Nodes are combined into ONE Look for saving or export
  • Save in the following formats (points in LUT):?Davinci Resolve (33),?Autodesk Lustre (33),?Iridas (32),?LUTher (33),?Quantel (33),?Assimilate (32),?Digital Vision Nucoda (33)
  • On Save/Export, the Size of the LUT cube is determined by export?format's LUT cube size.
  • Browse & Load a Single Look using Browse Menu as in prior versions?loading a Look via browse menu will delete all Nodes in Edit Menu
  • Save/Export any Look Nodes in Edit Menu before loading via Browse Menu?Any Look loaded via browse will become the new first node in Edit Menu
  • Display up to TWO Different Looks at once
  • Display one Look on monitor and send ANOTHER Look downstream
  • Display one Look on monitor and send SAME Look downstream
  • Display NO Look on monitor and send a Look downstream
  • Downstream Look send out
  • Any Look can be sent downstream
  • Available Input/Output options in V3.0:?HDMI IN SDI OUT (With Look),?HDMI IN HDMI OUT (With Look),?SDI IN HDMI OUT (With Look)
  • Input/Output Options Not Yet Available:?SDI IN SDI OUT (With Look),?NEW SmallHD style False Color (Full Color Mapping with Rainbow gradient)
  • NEW Canon 5Dmkii DSLR Scale automatically adjusts scaling of screen when switching?between Live View Mode and Record Mode on DSLR
  • Improved Image Capture & Overlay
  • Capture Multiple Images to SD Card
  • Choose Save Location for captured images
  • Choose Image to overlay on screen
  • ?Choice of Last captured or User Selected
  • Adjustable Opacity of Overlay Image
  • Overlay Image can be made to "Blink" at a specified speed for easier comparison
  • Assign Multiple Overlay Images to smart keys

With this update, it looks like your DP7 Pro is show room new again with some amazing new features. I can’t wait to install it!

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