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David Fincher Shoots Gone Girl In 6K

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

After enjoying an Emmy award and two whirlwind seasons of Netflix‘s original series House of Cards, producer-director David Fincher is setting his sights back on features, and he’s using the RED EPIC DRAGON to shoot his next project, Gone Girl. It’s giving him some gorgeous images, but at the cost a tremendous amount of storage space … like about 36TB worth.


When you shoot at 6K, you can enjoy an image that is?6144 x 3160 in resolution. Streaming at the cinema standard of 24 fps, you’re dealing with a mammoth bandwidth of nearly 2GB per second. Yikes. And that’s a heck of a lot even for a top-of-the-line Mac Pro to handle. Which is why Fincher turned to the 12-core Intel Xeon workstations and packed an insane 256GB of RAM into them. And you need that when you’re dealing with that kind of drag on your system resources.

But the real challenge is the amount of storage space that’s required to house the entire gamut of principal photography for the film. That’s why Fincher’s post-production crew has lined up a network with 36TB of SSD drives and 60TB of spinning hard drives which are connected via 1GB e-ports.

All total, Fincher’s post network houses ?320TB with a 1TB SSD cache. And driving the graphics are NVidia?Quadro 5000 and K5200 GPUs with 64GB of RAM to run through rendering. Man, you’d think he was doing an effects heavy sci-fi film. But instead, it’s just the garden variety thriller that Fincher is known for. And he’s doing it by building a bridge into the digital world.

Gone Girl stars Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike and Tyler Perry. ?It’s due out October 3.

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