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Is Joaquin Phoenix Playing Marvel's Doctor Strange?

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Marvel is known for it’s secrecy and the upcoming Doctor Strange is no different. While we know that Scott Derrickson will be directing the Jon Spaihts-penned screenplay, we still haven’t heard who will be playing the titular Doctor Stephen Strange.

The rumors surrounding who will play the next big Marvel character have been rampant. Names like Leto, HammDeppRamirez, Cumberbatch, and Hardy are being tossed around. Jack Huston was a name that showed up just a few days ago, along with the crazy rumor that legendary actor (and MoCap genius) Andy Serkis might play him, but now we have word that Joaquin Phoenix is close to signing on as the Sorcerer Supreme.

Stranger things have happen. Yes, I was holding on to that pun for a while.

According to Collider, Huston is absolutely not in the running for Strange, and Phoenix is incredibly close to signing on to star in the film. This isn’t the first time Phoenix has been said to be considered to play Strange, as his name popped up in the trades about a month ago, but many people speculated that negotiations had fallen apart.

Most actors who sign on to a Marvel film have to sign multi-film contracts and that’s probably the sticking point for someone like Phoenix. While no details have been revealed on the contract odds are that he’ll want some room to work on other films outside of Marvel Studios over the course of his contract, which I’d hazard a guess would at least include three Doctor Strange films, and three Avengers pictures.

Rumor has it that his recent co-stars Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, and Josh Brolin have been courting him to join Marvel. From the interaction between the actors in the media and the dinner picture from the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron, it looks like a great place to work.

If Marvel nabs Phoenix to play the sorcerer supreme, it would be a huge addition to the Marvel family. He has three academy award nominations and, in my humble opinion, would add a very distinct voice to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and play one hell of a Doctor Strange. Here’s a brief description of the character from the Marvel wiki:

As Master of the Mystic Arts and Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange is typically the world's foremost expert on magic, but it wasn't always that way. Earlier in his life, he was an arrogant professional surgeon, but when a car accident took his fine motor skills away from him, he became desperate and searched the globe for a cure. One was offered, not to cure his hands, but instead to cure his soul.

No official date has been set for Doctor Strange, but it’s more than likely to premiere July 8th of 2016.

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