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The Fantastic Four: Doctor Doom Photos Have Been Leaked!

By Heath McKnight (doddleNEWS)

Production recently wrapped on Fox’s highly secretive new Fantastic Four film, and pretty much the only ‘official’ look we’ve gotten was this photo from co-star Kate Mara (Susan Storm, aka, Invisible Woman). The image was taken early this month, with fellow Fantastic Four cast members Miles Teller (Reed Richards, aka, Mr. Fantastic), Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm, aka, The Human Torch), Mara, and Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm, aka, The Thing):

The cast of the Fantastic Four (image: Kate Mara’s Twitter)

But nothing else, no production images, no teasers or cast/crew appearances at Comic-Con, a whole lot of nothing from director Josh Trank (Chronicle, one of the Star Wars spin-off films).

Until now. Geek Pride has released two leaked photos of Doctor Doom (perhaps with star Toby Kebbell) from the green screen set, and I bet that one stunt man with the MoCap suit is The Thing, and clearly the arm with the lights is Human Torch, both pre-CGI. Take a look at the Doctor Doom images:

Doctor Doom’s suit in the new Fantastic Four seems more… organic? What do you think?

While it’s a head scratcher that Fox hasn’t released any official Fantastic Four images, especially a lack of an appearance Comic-Con (much like Universal’s Jurassic World), I’m sure we’ll see something soon. One more tidbit: It appears this Fantastic Four will be darker and more realistic, with some ‘documentary/found footage’ elements to it, per The Hollywood Reporter.

The Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015. C’mon, Fox, let’s see some official costumed images! Even Warner Bros. and DC Comics would release official images before public filming (and image leaks) on The Dark Knight Rises!

Hat tip: Geek Pride (via Screen Rant), THR

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