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Get A Look At Superman's New Suit, Batman's Cowl

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Details on the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice film have been few and far between, and really hard to come by. No surprise since these kind of tentpole films have NDAs up the wazoo to protect leaks from spilling on to the internet. Most of what we know is hearsay and rumor but every so often we’ll get a new tidbit.

The Batman suit Ben Affleck is wearing is a big departure from all the previous film versions of the suit, and will be closer to the comic books, particularly Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns suit. The cowl was previously displayed at this past San Diego Comic Con and has just been added to Warner Bros. VIP Studio Tours: The Batman Exhibit for the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary.

Warner Bros. Tours tweeted the following image:


The design of the cowl is way more organic than the one Christian Bale wore in The Dark Knight trilogy. The wrinkles around the eyes are a definite confirmation of a more grizzled version of Batman appearing in Dawn of Justice.

Not to be outdone, MTV got its hands on an image showing an updated version of Superman’s new suit. The changes are pretty subtle but the colors are a bit more vibrant and the “belt buckle that’s not a belt buckle” has gone from a round oval to a rectangle. Check out the image:

There’s been a few discussions about the new suit, and questions regarding how Superman gets it, since the last one came from a Kryptonian starship buried in the ice for 18,000 years, as seen in Man of Steel. I don’t think it’ll be explained and as far as the average movie goer will notice, they’ll just assume it’s the same suit.

Also, if you go out and google set pics from the original Man of Steel film you’ll come across images that show the suit, while duller in color than the one from Dawn of Justice, still ended up being darker and duller after color correction processing.

My guess is that the lighter spots on the suit are just to accentuate Henry Cavill’s muscles and will be far more subtle in the final version of the film. It’s just a slight redesign from the last film.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will hit theaters March 25, 2016.

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