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Is Wasp In Ant-Man? Plus The First Official Photo!

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Over the last few days we’ve seen a lot of pics and videos from Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man film. To the left, you can see the first official look at Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, who becomes Ant-Man in the movie.

Possible spoilers beyond this point!

While there’s no images of the final suit just yet, I suspect that they’re either filming parts of the introduction to Scott Lang as a con man and a thief– or… possibly some set up for the heist portion of the film. In one of the Instagrammed video’s below, you can see him at a drop point, picking something up left by a man coming out of the back of the truck. Definitely some illegal shenanigans going on there.

There’s also a slew of new images SuperHeroHype! received from photographer Drew Altizer ( of Paul Rudd and director Peyton Reed on location. Click both links to see more!

Also, there’s some buzz about Evangeline Lilly’s new haircut for the film. I’ll tackle those images below as well as the rumors it has started about her playing Wasp instead of her character’s mother Janet Van Dyne in the film.

Is Wasp In Ant-Man?

Evangeline Lilly Instagrammed two images of herself sporting a new hair do for her role as Hope Van Dyne. It’s a bob in the same way Janet Van Dyne styled her hair in the silver age comics. Some fans are speculating that it means Hope may take up the mantle as the Wasp.

Evangeline Lilly’s new hair-do looks a lot like Wasp’s!

Evangeline Lilly (Hope Van Dyne) and Paul Rudd (Scott Lang)

Janet Van Dyne as Wasp, in the 1960s, via Marvel Comics

I doubt it, however… at least, not for this film. Badass Digest who seem to have had access to early drafts of the script agree with that assessment.

Ant-Man and The Wasp have been paired together as a team (and were married) for a while and her powers are due to augmentation by Hank Pym. Having Hope and Scott team up for a later adventure — maybe Avengers 3 or Ant-Man 2 shouldn’t be taken off the table just yet so maybe we’ll see the beginnings of the Wasp in this film.

Ant-Man will premiere July 17, 2015.

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