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Chevy Shoots Commercial With Amazing Sony a7s Rigs

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

It was only a matter of time before Madison Avenue would take notice of the high performance 4K Sony 7s and shoot a commercial with it. And why not? We’ve seen commercials using the iPhone, but with these rigs, would anyone really know you’re shooting with a low-cost mirrorless DSLR? Not at first blush. And the best part is, they wouldn’t be able to in the footage either.


Our specific tests we're focused on lens fall-off and sensor reaction. Truly a WOW camera for the quality of the sensor and ability to capture lens fall-off, focus cylinder moves, and the full frame quality image. We are shooting anamorphic Panavision tests soon, that is the true test to see how this camera can make a difference within the marketplace. – Cinoflex

The company given the nod to provide the 7s and it’s supporting equipment is Cinoflex, who have created an all up rig for the Sony to be the A camera for the Chevy commercial. In doing camera tests to gauge the dynamic range of the 7s, Cinoflex engineers stress tested the image to see if they could break it by shooting into direct light. We know already that the 7s can capture in total darkness and even overexpose for it. [Editor's note: video should be coming soon.]

But what about the extreme other end of the spectrum? “… we shot directly into a light to desaturate the image and lose any detail, then we overexposed by 4 stops,” the testing report stated. “With very little effort or manipulation we found good contrast, detail, shadows, highlight control, and sharpness was easily recovered. The lens fall off was also very pronounced and truly magnificent.”

Cinoflex A7s dynamic range (click for larger)

So much so, that Cinoflex didn’t stand by and allow a “lack of infrastructure” hold shooters back from using this as a bonafide cinematic option. The Cinoflex Type SA7S Camera System provides not only the Sony 7s, but also includes one of Nikon’s 600mm F4 Nikkor Cine Lens, 19mm bridge mount, Hden M21VE focus motor and Preston RF Follow hand unit, and HDMI to SDI converter so that the footage scan be converted at full HD resolution.

And they also have a more portable package that offers just a cage for the 7s along with Bauer external battery mounts. So even though the 7s has to wait for an external 4K recorder to capture in ultra high definition, Cinoflex is happy to use HD in full resolution, and likely to capture in 10-bit to boot.

“The dynamic range was also very surprising, great tonal rendition in the shadows,” observed Cinoflex.

I really hope they shoot a ton of beauty shots that use the 7s’ dynamic range prominently. You know, half shadow reflections that are nothing but beauty shots to hint at what the car looks like, and then we see it buzzing down the road in full glory out in the bright daylight shooting out like a bullet from a gun. That’s what dynamic range buys you.

Hat Tip – SAR

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