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Are Katee Sackhoff And Marvel Planning A Film, Or Not?

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

Rumors have been flying fast and loose about Marvel considering Longmire and Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff as Ms. Marvel for an upcoming movie. And with Marvel Comics recently moving to turn Thor into a female hero in the comics, and with Marvel Studios developing a Black Widow origin story for Scarlett Johansson, it’s not out of the realm of possibility of Sackhoff being considered… especially when you have the support of Avengers director Joss Whedon. But not so fast…


It’s not surprising that fans would keep the possibility of Sackhoff putting on spandex alive (aside from obvious reasons). First off, she’s a great actress who has a solid sci-fi following, thanks to her run as Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica, plus films like Riddick and Occulus. So she ends up bringing a established audiences to the party. And when Sackhoff herself takes to Twitter to tease a “super secret project” with photo clues that resemble Captain Marvel in the comics, well, suffice it to say fans are screaming for more.

But Katee had to come clean and say that while she’s met and likely gotten the blessing from Stan Lee, she really hasn’t actually met with Marvel President Kevin Feige or anyone else at Marvel Studios. And she admitted uon Twitter and then to the Hollywood Reporter that the clues she’s been posting aren’t for Marvel after all. Leaving fans to wonder…

"At this moment, I have not sat down with anybody from Marvel for any role specifically,” Katee told Vulture Magazine, “(but that) doesn't necessarily mean that something with Marvel is completely off the table in the future. Any time I can play a strong female lead that's a role model, it's a good day.”

Sackhoff also said that the clues for a project she was working on, “not necessarily a movie and not necessarily a superhero that you would think of.” Gee, that’s rather vague. Could be TV. Could be video games. A web series perhaps?

There are so many options. Bitch Pudding. A superhero role for DC Comics films (Zack Snyder, are you listening?), and who knows what else. And when Joss Whedon gets into the act by suggesting via Twitter a cinematic sex change for Thor wouldn’t be a stretch, you have to wonder that even if the current buzz isn’t about a Marvel superhero role, if Sackhoff wouldn’t have one in her future. And that doesn’t touch on the rumors that with Whedon in her corner, that she may just have a small role in the next Avengers as Ms. Marvel (rumors that Sackhoff was quick to dispel). Could this also be a campaign to get Marvel to cast her?

But come on. She’s got the attitude, the skills, the following, and the resume. The only thing left is the opportunity and the timing. And I, for one, would lay down $15 to see her in a Marvel Studios movie, even if she was in a minor supporting role!

So, if Katee was going to be a superhero film, what hero should she be? Ms. Marvel? Lady Thor? Put your suggestions in the comments below.

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