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Russo Brothers Talk Captain America 3

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS)

Not only are Marvel movies redefining blockbuster cinema, they are actually getting better with each passing installment.

Case in point Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which was directed by Anthony and Joe Russo.

Following the critical and commercial success of the sequel – which grossed $713 million worldwide from a $170 million budget – the duo have been tasked with helming Captain America 3.

While the pair cannot go into too much detail – not least because the character’s story will be affected by the events in Avengers: Age of Ultron – the brothers did confirm, to Yahoo Movies, that Captain America 3 will continue the political themes explored in Winter Soldier.

Anthony Russo said: “The character was invented for an explicitly political purpose, so it’s hard to get away from that nature.”

Joe Russo added that despite the complex nature of the cinematic universe, the character, played by star Chris Evans, will remain incorruptible.

He said: “His morality is part of his superpower.”

With the last Thor movie disappointing critically (though it did well at the box office), and Iron Man starting to wind down (though Iron Man 4 could be in the cards), Captain America seems to be going from good to great. However, actor Evans has insisted that his future lies behind the camera.

While the Russo brothers did not talk about Evans’ potential departure from the series, they did add that Captain America 3 would bring "some new elements to the table that will give us a twist on Winter Soldier".

Captain America 3 will be released in May 2016.

Source: Yahoo Movies

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