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Two Spider-Man Spin-Offs In 2017?

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Integrated universes for superheroes (and Universal Monsters) are all the rage these days in the cineplex, and it’s Marvel Studios’ fault. I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I also wish it was the only one… although at the moment, it still is the only universe like it, so maybe I’m not giving Warner Bros. (DC Comics), Fox (X-Men, Fantastic Four), or Sony (Spider-Man) a fair shake.

Still, I can’t help but think making a cinematic universe out of just the Spider-Man property is stretching it. Of course my opinion doesn’t affect what Sony will do with ol’ webhead which Sony has pushed part 3 of the Mark Webb reboot to 2018.

Sony revealed that the Sinister Six movie would be coming out in 2016, leaving 2017 open for another Spidey spinoff (and The Amazing Spider-Man 3 moves to 2018). Looks like they’re not just eyeing one but two spinoffs to expand the universe for that year according to Deadline.

One of them will be a female-centric film written by Lisa Joy Nolan although Sony is mum on who it will center around. My bet is Felicity Jones, who is better known as The Black Cat, introduced as Harry Osborne’s assistant in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The other film is the Venom spin-off, which now has a title Venom Carnage with Alex Kurtzman directing and co-writing with Ed Solomon.. despite Kurtzman producing and directing The Mummy reboot and the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe. While a Venom story has been rumored for a while now, we now get an idea of where they may take the film.

The Venom symbiote has an offspring that merges with a psychotic serial killer and becomes Carnage. Venom has been a villain and an anti-hero in the Marvel universe and this would be a great way to introduce him to the audience without Spider-Man being in the film. Venom may be bad, but compared to Carnage, he’s not THAT bad. Both Venom and Carnage were created by comic book legend David Michelinie (Iron Man).

So how does Spider-Man fit into these films? Well it’s unclear but we know that Andrew Garfield is only contracted for one more Amazing Spider-Man film, prompting me to wonder if there are any clauses in his contract that allow him to make cameo appearances in any of the spin-offs. As far as The Amazing Spider-Man 4 is concerned, director Marc Webb won’t be helming it.

Sony is definitely looking to have these films stand on their own without Spider-Man in them and Marvel Studios has proved that you can take 3rd tier characters like the Guardians of the Galaxy and make them appear like 1st tier characters so why can’t The Black Cat or The Sinister Six stand on their own without Spider-Man?

It’s a gamble on Sony’s part, for sure, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

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