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Colorist Describes Method to Grab Hi-Res Stills from 4K Video

By James DeRuvo

Everyone’s been raving about the amazing video quality coming out of the Panasonic GH4 and Sony 7s. And it’s true, the video we’ve been seeing of late is absolutely stunning. And with that high resolution 4K video, comes a hidden benefit … still image grabs that are studio quality. And they’ve been showing up on the covers of favorite fashion magazines without anyone knowing it.


We started working in 4K in 2012, and what’s happened is that we’ve been working more with fashion clients because the like the high fidelity of 4K images. – Dado Valentic, Chief Colorist, MyTherapy

Dado Valentic, the chief colorist at MyTherapy in London, was given a Panasonic GH4 and persuaded fashion photographers to shoot video instead of still images, and then allow him to pull out image grabs from it. And it’s providing with amazing still frames that can only be captured in motion.

“We’re able to take the motion files and out of them, extract still images that are large enough to be used in print,” says Valentic. “Actually, there are a range of Vogue covers and other magazines that have been shot that way. Out of the (4K video), we were able to extract still images and they are simply outstanding.”

That’s what 4K buys you. “The advantage of the GH4 is that we were able to work with a smaller crew and take less time to get all the shots we needed,” says Valentic. He also says that the GH4′s choice of lenses provided some great views and angles, and because of it’s small footprint, enabled photographers to get closer to their subjects. From a photography stand point, this really opens up your ability to take images that are way more kinetic, and from a stop motion animation point of view, these cameras are going to be a serious game changer.

Of course, this makes for bad news in one aspect … the on-set still photographer’s days are numbered.

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