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Original Cast of Alien Reunites for Video Game, Trailer

SEGA’s Alien: Isolation Features Sigourney Weaver voicing Ripley

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

SEGA video games… They were huge in the 80′s. I can’t tell you how many quarters I dropped in games like Pong, Tron (seriously on that one), Frogger, and others. They also dominated the consoles in the early 1990′s. Alien was also huge in the 80s, with Sigourney Weaver blazing a trail as one of the first true female science fiction and action heroes (OK 1979, but close). Of course, she was usually the only one who survived at the end of each Alien movie, with maybe a little girl or android in tow, but they were great films. Well, news is coming out that SEGA and Weaver, and the original cast of Ridley Scott‘s epic, are reuniting to provide the voices for exclusive pre-order scenes of the video game on Alien: Isolation.


"Working with the original cast has been an incredible experience. It was important to us to have the key original cast members reprise their roles in order to perfectly capture the atmosphere of the movie. For some of the original cast, this is their first appearance in an Alien video game. Seeing them reprise those roles after 35 years was an unforgettable experience." - Alistair Hope, Creative Lead on Alien: Isolation

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The premise of the game is that the player gets to play the role of Ripley’s daughter Amanda, and she’s followed in mom’s footsteps by taking on the Alien xenomorphs. But for those who are willing to pre-order the game, users will get two special downloadable content (DLCs) features that include not only Weaver voicing the role of Ripley in cut scenes and game play, but also the cast of the original Alien including Tom Skerritt (Dallas), Veronica Cartwright (Lambert), Harry Dean Stanton (Brett), and Yaphet Kotto (Parker). Unfortunately, the role of Ash, played by Ian Holm, is being taken over by a very good actor who sounds like him, as Holm, 82, was unable to join the party.



For the special DLC upgrade, known as the Nostromo Edition, players will get to play one of three characters during the original Alien encounter, right after the death of Harry Dean Stanton’s Brett. Moments later, users can choose between Riply, Parker, or Dallas, as they explore the bowels of the Nostromo trying to hunt down the Xenomorph that has been born and has grown into an mindless killer.

And you will be working with radio voices of both Cartright’s Lamber and the Android Ash to try and get the Alien into the airlock and blast it out into deep space. Gamestop has also announced an exclusive DLC for those who preorder from them that will also feature the “Last Survivor” mod,e where Ripley fights the Xenomorph after all her crewmates have been killed, and the clock is ticking for her to get to the escape shuttle before the Nostromo explodes in a firely nuclear overload.

Alien: Isolation will launch October 7, 2014, on platforms including Xbox One and 360, Sony PlayStation4 and PS3, and Windows PC. So while you’re waiting for Prometheus 2 to maybe or maybe not drop, this sounds like an epic game to while away the hours!?Looks like I better count my quarters!

Hat Tip – TMS

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