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Mel Gibson Talks Directing,Television, And Richard Donner

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS)

There are falls from grace and then there is Mel Gibson’s ongoing exile from mainstream Hollywood.

Not only was the Mad Max one of the most bankable leading men in the business, but he was also an Oscar-winning director, helming critical and commercial smash hits.

However, after being rocked by with a series of self-inflicted scandals, which started with a disgusting anti-semetic tirade against a police officer, Gibson has found himself having to build his career all over again.

While speaking to Screen, at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the star confirmed he hopes to direct again.

He said: "I do, of course. It's difficult because you have to spend a couple of years of your life doing it.

"Whatever it is you're going to do, you have to make sure it's going to mean something because it's too much effort just to mail it home. But I've got a few ideas that I'd like to fool around with."

He added: "Nobody would fund Apocalypto or Passion [of the Christ] so I had to do it myself. But I'm out of the business now, so I have to find something that somebody else wants to fund."

Evidently, Gibson is reluctant to risk his vast wealth – reportedly $800 million – without the security of a big-time acting career to fall back on. The Braveheart star and director also spoke about the possibility of switching to the small screen in a bid to re-start his career.

He said: "Of course. I think it's a very interesting medium now.

"It doesn't matter where you do the work and in what format, so long as it's fulfilling with great images. TV is going through this amazing period right now that seems to have a lot more freedom and agility than filmmaking."

For someone in Gibson’s rather unique situation, television would seem like an ideal option. Quite simply because of the huge budgets involved with movies, studios do not want to risk having Gibson’s name associated with big screen projects. But when it comes to television, the majority of the audiences wouldn’t notice or even care if Gibson was involved with a hit HBO or AMC show.

Of course, the Brooklyn-born filmmaker still has big screen aspirations, and spoke about re-teaming with Lethal Weapon director Richard Donner. The original?Superman helmer recently revealed that he was developing a sequel to his family classic The Goonies.

And Gibson insisted that despite his age, Donner is not finished yet.

He said: “I'm sure it will happen. He ain't out of the game. He's not a youngster but he's still vital. He's still very much alive and I think you'll see him get up and crack one out of the park."

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