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Dracula Untold Trailer - A Geek's Reaction

By Danny F. Santos (doddleNEWS)

Vampires have been done so much in the last few decades, that the genre may be tired. Universal and Legendary Pictures, however, are betting against that. They also have the grand-daddy of all vampire stories at their fingertips, Dracula.

The first full length trailer of Dracula Untold from Universal Pictures has been released and it looks pretty damn good! I’m actually surprised about how interested I am in this film after watching the trailer, since I was on the fence about the whole idea of a Dracula prequel. If you were like me, take a look at this and see if it changes your opinion.



On Whitewashing Dracula

I don’t know how much you know about Vlad the Impaler, who Dracula is based on, but he was a horrible person. He had thousands of people brutally tortured and killed with his favorite way of killing, via impaling — thus, the nickname. Estimates range up to 100,000 deaths were directly resulted from him. I want to put that upfront because like I said, I’m now really looking forward to this film.

I don’t mind whitewashing in this instance, because I’m asked to believe that this character goes off to become a vampire, and uses supernatural powers to defeat an army. There are films which try to pass themselves off as historical, but barely pay lip service to history, and that usually annoys me.

Luke Evans brings a tragic feeling to Dracula, and you know from the get-go that this will end badly for him. Visually, there’s a bit of the cinematography 300 had going for itself ,but it doesn’t feel overused here, thankfully.

Dracula’s Future

This film takes place several hundred years before the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, so we need to see how he goes from a father willing to do anything to protect his child, to a bloodsucking monster; the granddaddy of vampires. I wonder if Universal is already thinking of what their next film will be about, and if it will be based on the novel, or what happens between this origin story and the novel. I wouldn’t mind something in between, since I don’t think we’ve ever seen the origin of the three sisters (or three brides) of Dracula.

There’s also the rumor that Universal wants to develop its monster franchises into one universe, kind of like how Marvel Studios has done. We have The Mummy reboot in development (hell), as well as Van Helsing, so it’s possible that all of these films will eventually come together in one giant tentpole film, not unlike The Avengers.

Dracula Untold will be released October 17, 2014.

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