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John Turturro Planning Big Lebowski ‘Jesus’ Spin-off

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS)

John Turturro has once again reiterated his desire to reprise one of his most infamous characters, Jesus Quintana, from The Big Lebowski.

And despite the directors of the original film, the Coen Brothers, publicly distancing themselves from a potential sequel/spin-off, the actor remains hopeful.

During a live Q&A during the Taormina Film Festival (via THR), he said: “If I can get the permission I need, I’d like to return to that role.”

However, last year the Joel and Ethan Coen, while promoting Inside Llewyn Davis, once again poured cold water upon the idea.

Here is what Ethan Coen said: “John Turturro, who wants it, talks to us incessantly about doing a sequel about his (bowler) character Jesus.

"He even has the story worked out, which he's pitched to us a few times, but I can't really remember it... No, I don't see it in our future."

Joel Coen added: "I don't think it's going to happen ... I just don't like sequels."

But while the Coens clearly do not want to revisit the character, who is a child molesting bowling enthusiast, that does not necessarily shut the door on the project.

Firstly, Turturro actually created the character himself, and had performed the role on stage before The Big Lebowski.

Also importantly, the actor/director is a long time collaborator and friend of the Coens, meaning they may just let him make the film himself. They certainly allowed a Fargo TV series!

While talking to Rolling Stone (via Film Drunk), the Barton Fink actor revealed his idea for the movie.

He said: “We've been talking about it for a while. Even if they wouldn't do it, they could just write it, and then I'll do it.

"The movie will be about him dealing with his demons. It will be like a combination of Rocky andThe Bad News Bears. At the very least, we'd have to have a Dude cameo."

Source: THR

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