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Red Giant Updates BulletProof for Creative Cloud Support

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

With its latest update, Red Giant Software has updated BulletProof to support to not only interface with Adobe Creative Cloud 2014, but also provides enhanced support for AVCHD and Canon XF codecs. This will provide greater stability for shooting in the field and will give users greater peace of mind as their footage is backed up directly from the camera’s card. But it also offers greater support for a host of Red Giant apps.


Hi Folks -- Yesterday Adobe released Creative Cloud 2014. We wanted to let you know that ALL of our Adobe CC-compatible products are now CC 2014-compatible. That means you can now install Adobe CC 2014, and use your Red Giant products after the update. – Red Giant’s blog

How BulletProof works… it automatically reads all your data files once you place the camera card into the card reader, and backs them up. Once backed up, BulletProof then verifies that the backup copies are identical with no dropped frames. And thanks to BulletProof’s GPU acceleration, shooters can also preview and tag the footage with metadata while it’s being backed up. Through Add Mode, BulletProof gives users the ability to tag, adding metadata, set notes, in and out points, and even suggested color correction settings for the post production staff to reference.

And with PluralEyes, BulletProof has streamlined the bridging process of sending the video footage over to the audio app, which will then synch audio and video files together automatically and then export it to the editing line for cutting. And speaking of which, Red Giant has also updated Bullet Proof and all their apps to support the latest massive update for Adobe Creative Cloud 2014.

However, due to last minute changes, there is a known bug in PluralEyes which can cause the export to crash Premiere Pro, and possibly losing or corrupting your data. According to Red Giant, the bug causes the export to crash if the sync is done through Premiere Pro, and then enabling the PluralEyes plug-in. Red Giant has a workaround and says that importing the footage into PluralEyes directly and performing the sync, then exporting the footage to Premiere Pro from there will avoid the crash until the app is updated to accommodate it. Users are also advised to use the latest PluralEyes 3.5 beta, which can be found here.

Pricing of BulletProof is $199, but existing users get the free update. Find out more at


Free Update to Red Giant BulletProof Protects Your Shoot
AVCHD and Canon XF Support. Faster Import. PluralEyes Integration.

June 19, 2014 – Today, Red Giant released BulletProof 1.2, an update that brings more camera support and other improvements to its footage backup and review tool.


BulletProof has been updated to support the AVCHD and Canon XF formats, two mainstays of the industry. In addition to the existing support for Canon and Nikon DSLRs and GoPro cameras, BulletProof now includes support for Panasonic and Sony DSLRs, and for the Canon C-series and XF-series cameras.

BulletProof is designed to solve several challenges that, since the DSLR revolution, have plagued shooters, both on set and right before post-production. One of those is the issue of simple, secure and reliable backup.

BulletProof, which boasts robust automated backup and verification tools, allows shooters to do what they are already doing, but with confidence. Once the camera card is in the card reader, BulletProof creates copies of your footage and verifies them to ensure a perfect duplication. In addition, while the footage is being backed up, the shooter can use BulletProof's GPU-accelerated playback tools to review the footage and make sure they got the shots they need.

Also new to BulletProof is a highly-requested feature called "Add Mode" – a reference mode that speeds up the import process by cataloging media that has already been copied to disk.

While BulletProof’s features start with back-up and review of footage on set, it also addresses the next area of pain in the shooter's process – preparing the footage and notes for post-production. BulletProof includes powerful tools for tagging, adding metadata, notes, in and out points, and even suggested color correction to the footage – all to help bring the shooter's intention over to the timeline. These features can be used right on set or once the shooter gets back to the edit suite.

In addition, BulletProof is now integrated with PluralEyes 3.5 (currently available as a free beta at, Red Giant's automated audio/video sync tool. One of the editing industry's most popular tools, PluralEyes literally saves hours or days of audio/video syncing work, with the touch of a button. BulletProof now makes the process even more fluid by sending the footage over to PluralEyes in an organized way, so that you can sync your footage immediately. Once synced, PluralEyes sends the footage directly to the editing timeline, ready for editing.

The combination of these two products together allow the shooter to work with the confidence that comes with knowing that their footage will make it home safe, sound and in sync.

Pricing & Availability:
BulletProof 1.2 is available now for $199. It is a free upgrade for existing users of BulletProof 1.0 and 1.1.

Learn more at

The Red Pledge
Red Pledge is Red Giant's commitment to customer happiness, with no purchasing hassles. Learn about the Red Pledge guarantee at

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