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Movie Trailer: Beneath, A Horror Film

By Heath McKnight

We have a new trailer for a horror film called Beneath, from IFC Films and director Ben Ketai (30 Days of Night direct-to-video sequels). This is a movie with cult movie legend Jeff Fahey (Machete, Lawnmower Man) as a coal miner who is about to retire.

On his last day, his daughter (played by Kelly Noonan) joins him as he goes 600 feet beneath the surface. What happens next looks like it’s a cross between a classic monster movie, and as Film pointed out, John Carpenter’s most-excellent The Thing.

Beneath actually saw its first trailer and poster released last fall 2013, and it’s finally getting a release this summer. It also won the Best Feature award at Screamfest. Here’s the trailer, which is actually scary!


Here’s the plot for Beneath:


In this creepy and claustrophobic horror thriller a deadly, supernatural force is unleashed underground with a crew of trapped coal miners and a female environmentalist who must fight to survive.

Beneath opens on VOD and streaming on June 27 and in some theaters on July 25.

Hat tip: Film

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