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Celtx Releases Massive New App Update

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

For many, Celtx is the ideal script writing software because it’s free. But for others, like myself, we prefer it to other screenwriting apps because we like the interface, and Celtx has been steadily expanding its capability over the last few years to make it even more powerful. And while some features require a paid subscription, it’s still my favorite app, especially for writing on the iPhone. And now Celtx has put out a huge update that makes it even better and provides the ability to write from a browser, create sketches, and even sync your Android device.


Here are the top 10 updates which Celtx users are sure to love:

Upgrades for Free Studios customers:

  1. New Sketch Editor. This new writing editor offers necessary template for the writing of dramatic and comedic sketches and includes the ability to collaborate as a team.
  2. Mobile Browser support. Celtx wants to drive users to the cloud, especially with mobile devices, and so they are now offering the ability to write from your mobile device in the cloud and save them to Celtx Studios.
  3. Improved PDF and printing features. PDFs now render faster and users can then download to desktop and print.
  4. Celtx’s new Index Cards Mobile App. Since many writers organize their stories with index cards, Celtx has finally responded tot he need by releasing a new app that does just that. Users organize thoughts and map out storylines and plot points anywhere, then sync to Celtx online studio to continue work on a desktop or collaborate on cards with partners.
  5. Android sync support. Since Celtx now has an Android app, they’ve updated it to support auto-syncing to Celtx online studios. Finally. But it’s only a one way trip, meaning you still need to use the sync button to manually bring any changes to your app from the studio itself.

Create a schedule with Celtx

Upgrades for Paid Studios customers:

  1. Catalog features and export – Catalog has been reformatted and provides extra features including exporting CSV files and printing detailed descriptions.
  2. Scheduling shoot times – users can now estimate and schedule shooting times from a virtual stripboard, and times are automatically tallied for end of day reports.
  3. Greater scheduling and report functions – with #2 above, it leads to Celtx offering publishing and sharing of reports online. Users can now create a report package that include?stripboard report, shooting schedule, and call sheet.

Finally, Celtx has made numerous housekeeping upgrades which provide greater stability and bug fixes. So, along with Celtx Sides, Scout, Storyboard, Shots, Script and now Index Cards, Celtx has rounded out their Software suite to become a bonafide heavy hitter in post production. And the best part is, most of it’s free.

For more information check out the Celtx on the iTunes App Store and at Google Play (click here for mobile), and visit

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