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Kickstarter Campaigns We Love; The RagLite

By James DeRuvo (doddleNEWS)

The latest Kickstarter Campaign that’s gotten my attention is the RagLite. It’s one of those great little ideas from a filmmaking entrepreneur that had a problem on set and created a way to fix it, and along the way he realized he had a cool new product.


What is the RagLite? It’s the first ever, flexible, LED light bank that could easily be rolled up and transported. We wanted a high quality light that we could set up and take down, that wouldn’t break our budget. – Chad Soderholm

Developed by director Chad Soderholm and his gaffer Sin Cohen, the RagLite uses a series of super bright, low power,?LED lights that have been arrayed in rows on a flexible piece of fabric that can be rolled up for easy storage, and placed just about anywhere you need a light. The LEDs used offer both 3200K Tungsten or 5600K Daylight and provide for what Soderholm promises is 100% color accuracy.

“As a gaffer and filmmaker, we needed a light in a hard to reach location,” says Cohen. “It takes a lot of time and we didn’t have a light that addresses this situation… so we made one.”

Features include:

  • Flexible Design
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and?Portable
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Non-Heat Emitting
  • Long-Lasting
  • Power Efficient
  • Module Mounting System (attach D-Rings, Magnets and daisy-chain)

The RagLite will come in three sizes – 14″ x 24, 14 x 12, and 6 x 6, which will enable filmmakers to use them for just about any situation from just adding a bit of depth to full on illumination. And RagLite is even waterproof, and if you look at the video below, you could conceivably use it underwater if you actually had to get in to grab the shot. But they warn that you shouldn’t try this unless you expect disaster to strike eventually. Cohen says that while the Raglite is water resistant, the batteries aren’t, and even some Raglites aren’t designed to be waterproof.

The Raglite has multiple mounting options that include velcro, D-Rings, and even magnets in order to mount it where you need to.

“One of our intentions is to actually give these to people who don’t actually have lights … there are people in third world countries, where at night time, there’s no light anywhere. So this is a great opportunity to get light where you wouldn’t normally have it.”

And filmmaking or photography applications aren’t their only focus. Soderholm envisions auto repair and manufacturing, camping, emergency medical applications, indoor home gardens, and even home accent and decor. Soderholm has a mission… He wants to earmark one out of every ten lights manufactured to be sent to impoverished communities in third-world countries where electricity and lights simply aren’t available.

There’s a Raglite Kickstarter campaign currently underway, with the goal of raising $25,000 for manufacturing of the first batch of RagLites and the securing of patents and distributors.? Currenly, they’re about 3/4 to their goal with 18 days to go. After which, Soderberg hopes to sell them in various configurations for between $75 (RagLite Mini) – $2400 (for the 14″ x 24″ model).

Backers who pledge at last $75 will receive a RagLite Mini, with varying models being offered as incentives with every successive backing level above that. But the cinema-grade RagLites won’t be yours unless you’re willing to back the campaign with at least $750. Frankly, that’s a bit much for something you can build with a good YouTube video showing you how. But I sure like the idea.

Hat Tip – NFS

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