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New Remember Me Gameplay Trailer Revealed

When Remember Me debuted at Gamescom, the gameplay trailer Capcom showed off demonstrated the technique of “memory remixing.” Today, Capcom released an even longer trailer showing just how the game’s action sequences might play out.

In Remember Me, gamers will take on the role of Nilin, a memory hunter operating in Neo-Paris in the year 2082. When she has her memory erased, she must use her contacts, cyberpunk skills, and martial arts training to uncover the intrigue surrounding her. The game is currently set for a May 2013 release for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC.

The new trailer shows almost 10 uncut minutes of Remember Me gameplay footage from Gamecom. Nilin is shown fleeing across the rooftops of Neo-Paris as an attack helicopter pursues her. Though the game appeared in the previous footage to be very open-world, allowing you to explore the city yourself, the new footage appears very linear, with markers to show exactly where to go and what to do. While this might make sense in a futuristic “helper-AI” story context, it might feel a bit claustrophobic while playing. The fighting looks fluid, though, and is obviously patterned after the style that the Batman: Arkham games have made popular. So, perhaps Remember Me will play similarly to Batman: Arkham City, where players have great freedom, but are occasionally placed in on-rails situations.