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Naimesh Patel

city: Etobicoke State: Ontario Post Date: Mar 20, 2021 Followers: (0)

My Gallery — "The Shiva Tandava - dance of Cosmos "

The Shiva Tandava - dance of Cosmos

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Shiva is one of trinity god in Hindu Religious. This painting is based on famous statue of Shiva doing dance(Tandava) like king(Raja) when Ravana praise Shiva in a singing manner with help of a God of knowledge called Saraswati. In this painting Shiva is performing dance on Mount Kailash and reveal the truth of our Cosmos as being a creator and destructor in the night sky whole milky way, sun, moon, saggitarius and galaxies collision in to our galaxy can be seen in this painting. This painting is also showing a beautiful expression of story Ganga coming to earth and how Shiva lock her in his head to protect the earth from her destructive force and blessed to all living kinds with holy water. Size available upto 34×52cm

Mar 20, 2021


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