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Wm. Kelly Bailey

city: Houston State: TX Post Date: Aug 22, 2020 Followers: (0)

My Gallery — "''Springtime In The Rockies''"

''Springtime In The Rockies''

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Available; inquire of the artist if you'd like to acquire this painting to add to your fine art collection. This scene was in Northern New Mexico, close to Taos. The cool, pure, clean early spring air was a delight to breathe in. The distant mountains looked a lot closer than they really were due to the crystal clarity of the high desert mountain air. The explosion of new growth was amazingly green and fresh; far different looking than it would be later in the blazing hot summer months. Painted with Grumbacher acrylic paints on 9"x12" canvas panel. Follow the artist on Instagram: @wkb_art

Aug 22, 2020


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