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Aldo Arena

city: Smithtown State: NY Post Date: Mar 9, 2017 Followers: (6)

My Gallery — "Rue La Place"

Rue La Place

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The painting was inspired by a photograph of a street shene taken by me in 2002 while strolling through Paris. A desire to name the painting the name of the street drove me to retrace my walk on Google street view from my hotel to La Pla de Sorbonne to no avail. After hours of searching I googled "La Place de Sorbonne" and what came up was "Rue La Place", precisely the street that inspired the painting. © 2018 ; Art Style; street; Tags: Paris, Street Scene,; Media: paintings; Materials: Oil on Canvas. Original ID: 7Ij6aSoeLa1riJ4b

Mar 9, 2017


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