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Frank Wilson

city: Paradise State: CA Post Date: Nov 1, 2012 Followers: (2)

My Gallery — "Into The Boil"



Into The Boil

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A white water boater successfully maneuvers his craft through fast, turbulent waters in the Feather River in Northern California. Whirlpools, waterfalls and deep narrow chutes among gigantic boulders make for any exciting river run. © 2018 Frank Wilson; Art Style; photojournalism; Tags: kayak, kayaks, kayaking, kayaker, kayakers, rapids, white water, skill, kayaking, water sports, danger, white water river, white water kayaking, frank wilson, river, rivers, white water rivers, white water boating, paddeling, feather river, california rivers, fast water, fast waters, boat, boats, boating, white water boating, white water rapids, kayaker boating, kayaker in rapids, whirlpools, chutes, boiling rapids, remote rivers, wilderness, scenic river, scenic rivers; Media: photography; Materials: Photography. Original ID: Fl2YBK3Ikb1uyJPY

Nov 1, 2012


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