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Charlotte Dively

city: Loganville State: GA Post Date: Jul 14, 2016 Followers: (0)

My Gallery — "Judah's Coming Tsunami In The Spirit"

Judah's Coming Tsunami In The Spirit

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Lion of Judah with the wind of the Spirit blowing and stirring up a tsunami across the earth to glorify God. Glitter and beads, large and small with sand in the Liquitex Heavy gel and gold and silver throughout the aqua blue shades give the appearance of water and wind flowing deep and blowing like a tsunami, while the confident Lion of Judah is breathing it all in and loving the peace and joy of it all creating a calm in the midst of the storm. © 2018 ; Art Style; abstract; Tags: lions, Lion of Judah, wind, spirit, waves, tsunami, mixed media,; Media: mixed; Materials: canvas, acrylic, sand, cloth, heavy gel, glitter, stencils, pallet knife, beads. Original ID: DtLE1FMJNOgg0FMO

Jul 14, 2016


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