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Teanna Kurtz

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My Gallery — "Golden Vision"

Golden Vision

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Aspens are a lesson in aging gracefully. The longer they stand, the more character they build. Texture builds up on the surface, the branches reach farther and farther up into the sky in a never ending journey to the heavens. They bend to the left then change to go to the right and all the while, they dance. Aspens dance in the wind, their leaves move with each breath of air. Always rejoicing in the chance to exist. Patience, endurance, grace and joy... all lessons to teach us and all we need do is stop for a moment and watch them dance. © 2018 ; Art Style; impressionism; Tags: aspen, fall, leaves, meadow, autumn, landscape, impressionism, pastel; Media: drawings; Materials: Pastel on suede surface. Original ID: qBtSG17ubobLIzaR

Jan 12, 2016


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