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Frank Wilson

city: Paradise State: CA Post Date: Mar 18, 2015 Followers: (2)

My Gallery — "Lake Tahoe Inlet"

Lake Tahoe Inlet

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Another oil painting in my ongoing "Lake Tahoe" series, "Lake Tahoe Inlet" measures 16 x 20 inches on a cradled hardboard panel 2 inches deep with black sides. The challenge is capturing many physical properties of light as it interacts with the water, reflecting, refracting, and the magnification of the light hitting the shallows producing intense light caustics. The texture of the rocks is also a challenge as Lake Tahoe granite boulders have very weathered and rough surfaces that catch the light and produce dark pits. In spite of the challenges, Lake Tahoe remains one of my favorite places to paint. Do you have a particular view of Lake Tahoe in mind for a painting? © 2018 ; Art Style; realism; Tags: lake tahoe, lake tahoe inlet, frank wilson, tahoe, lake, california, nevada, pines, boulders, clear water, blue water, blue waters, mountains, sierra nevada mountains, sierra nevada, sierra nevadas, sierras, alpine, alpine lake, shallow water, rocks, rocks in water, rocks beneath the water, azure water, pine forest, pine forests,; Media: paintings; Materials: Oils on a cradled hardboard panel. Original ID: L0J-brH1dC3KnXjL

Mar 18, 2015


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