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Frank Wilson

city: Paradise State: CA Post Date: Mar 18, 2015 Followers: (2)

My Gallery — "Wilderness Waterfall"

Wilderness Waterfall

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The wilderness of the High Sierra Nevada humbles me with it's sculptural beauty, it's untameable ruggedness and its sheer awesomeness and power. It astounds me that trees survive and even thrive in these heights and endure the brutality of the snowy winters. This painting was created with a simple palette playing warm, organic, earthy yellows off of cool blues and grayed violets. © 2018 ; Art Style; realism; Tags: Wilderness Waterfall, waterfall, frank wilson, sierra nevada, landscape, realism, waterfalls, mountains, river, rushing water, wilderness, sierra nevadas, sierra nevada mountains, rocks, cliffs, rapids, multiple waterfalls, granite boulders,; Media: paintings; Materials: Oils on a hardboard panel. Original ID: brUlc_5CbN-x2UfK

Mar 18, 2015


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