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JoAnne Castor

city: Glendora State: NJ Post Date: Jul 27, 2014 Followers: (0)

My Gallery — "Self Portrait"



Self Portrait

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I painted this self portrait in 1983. I decided to include many conditions such as: it shows animal, vegetable and mineral in the content. The form shows the use of arbitrary color. The composition is sliced equally in half horizontally showing the more etherial upper half as opposed to the earthy bottom half. After many hours of looking into a mirror, this is what resulted. JCC © 2018 ; Art Style; portrait; Tags: portrait, eterial, earthy, animal, vegetable, mineral, beach, suntan, sunset; Media: paintings; Materials: Acrylic on Canvas. Original ID: 5iFWuVhHWTa89H2t

Jul 27, 2014


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