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Maya Trimner

city: Nesconset State: NY Post Date: Apr 12, 2016 Followers: (7)

My Gallery — "The Empress Keynote of C"

The Empress Keynote of C

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This was a portrait created from a public domain photo of one of the Zeigfeld girls of the 1920s. I then used some illustrative hand-lettering technique for the d├ęcor and integrated my knowledge of the root chakra and color healing when choosing the colors for the rest of the piece. © 2018 ; Art Style; art_deco; Tags: pinup, illustration, chakra, healing, female, beautiful, portrait; Media: drawings; Materials: Watercolor, gouache and ink on paper. Original ID: Qqa7kGKRPMY8MNga

Apr 12, 2016


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