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Peggy Hockman

Post Date: Jul 11, 2014 Followers: (0)

My Gallery — "A Days Labor"

A Days Labor

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This piece depicts two women and the end of a day's labor, with the sun blazing behind them. The images were created using fabric crayon. Next the entire piece was dipped in hot wax and let dry. The piece was then crumpled to create a veined effect in the background and finally dipped in fabric dye or watered down acrylic paint Next the piece was bordered in batik stripped fabric, layered with cotton batting and supporting fabric and quilted. Embellishments of wire and beads completed the work. © 2018 ; Art Style; arts_crafts; Tags: poeple, figure, women, batik, crafts; Media: fiber_art; Materials: Crayon and Acrylic paint on muslin. Original ID: q4P-i-KaPyT-yEJN

Jul 11, 2014


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