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Frank Wilson

city: Paradise State: CA Post Date: Jan 22, 2013 Followers: (2)

My Gallery — "Blue Waters Lake Tahoe"

Blue Waters Lake Tahoe

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Digital pencil rendering of a beautiful scenic view of Lake Tahoe from the Nevada Side looking across to the California side with the snow capped Sierra Nevada Mountains. The boulders around the lake are enormous and the water is among the cleanest and clearest in the entire world. On average, you can see 70 feet down into the Lake which gives the Lake it's famous "Caribbean" blue and turquoise colors. The tall evergreen forests surrounding the Lake consist of firs, cedars, hemlocks and many species of pines. © 2018 Frank Wilson; Art Style; landscape; Tags: lake tahoe, frank wilson, lake, tahoe, pencil drawing, pencil drawings, pencil rendering, digital drawing, rocks, trees, tahoe shore, tahoe shoreline, clear water, sierra nevada, sierra nevada mountains, boulder shore, rocky shore,; Media: digital; Materials: Digital Pencil Rendering. Original ID: vybVpzsC0rbbUf7D

Jan 22, 2013


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