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Frank Wilson

city: Paradise State: CA Post Date: Jan 22, 2013 Followers: (2)

My Gallery — "Backlit Trees"

Backlit Trees

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Digital pencil rendering of the setting sun above Lake Tahoe back lighting a clump of trees casting dramatic shadows in the foreground. Sometimes an image looks very intriguing as a black and white pencil rendering. A simple understatement sometimes has more impact than a full color image. This image has been digitally rendered as fine detailed pencil drawings. They remind me of the delicate "silver point" drawings that I created on gessoed paper using a piece of sterling silver wire while a student at the Art Institute Of Boston. The silver would darken as it oxidized creating a very subtle and soft look. These images look stunning in the larger sizes, matted and framed. © 2018 Frank Wilson; Art Style; black_white; Tags: pencil, pencil drawing, pencil rendering, frank wilson, trees, pines, sunset, shadows, tall trees, frank wilson, sierra nevada mountains, sierras, sierra nevadas, evergreens, ponderosa, ponderosa pines,; Media: photography; Materials: Digital Pencil Rendering. Original ID: vnTTJXYukGXAA2tk

Jan 22, 2013


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