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John Edwe

city: Philadelphia State: PA Post Date: Mar 10, 2017 Followers: (0)

My Gallery — "Ali, beyond the grave"

Ali, beyond the grave

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ALI, beyond the grave is an abstract digitalism interpretation of a Mohamed Ali picture, but there is absolutely no digital or any computer generated application in the process .This is an acrylic painting based on a relationship of colors, lines,designs,forms images, emotions and senses. It is like all other painting started as an innocent form of existence and evolved along the many passages to become something that the viewer must discover through his/ her own imaginative efforts. © 2018 ; Art Style; other; Tags: Ali,boxing, heavy weight, fight, civil right, Islam, nation of Islam,; Media: paintings; Materials: Acrylic on canvas. Original ID: 1IC63vwD9ho7_CSm

Mar 10, 2017


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