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Frank Wilson

city: Paradise State: CA Post Date: Jul 13, 2012 Followers: (2)

My Gallery — "Dancing Tide"

Dancing Tide

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I'm in awe of the power of the sea! Every wave that came into this tiny cove was shaped the same and broke in the same pattern and I was mesmerized by the rhythmic repetition of the waves. I had to capture this in a rather large painting 30" x 48". © 2018 Frank Wilson; Art Style; abstract; Tags: surf, waves cliffs, crashing waves, shore, frank wilson, seabirds, pacific, ocean, sea, pacific ocean, clouds, seascape, seascapes, pounding waves, rough surf, california coast, northern california coast, rocky shore, seascape, realism, ocean, surf, waves, crashing waves, pacific ocean, beach; Media: digital; Materials: Oil on hardboard panel. Original ID: vAMhdeBLmSVqEVoE

Jul 13, 2012


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