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Beautify your interior with a ceiling fan with a lamp The ceiling fan is a multifunction unit that can be installed in a house to ensure thermal comfort. It is an interesting alternative to refresh your house. It consumes less energy than air conditioning units. It is available in several models on the market. The advantages of decorating the ceiling with a fan equipped with a lamp Decorating the ceiling with a ceiling fan is an excellent idea if you want to get an embellished interior. Moreover, this device has many advantages in particular it is very decorative and very trendy in addition to making realize energy savings induced by its summer/winter functions. It can thus bring a touch of modernity to the interior by becoming a piece of furniture in its own right in the house. The ceiling fan can also be installed in any room in the living room, bedrooms, bathroom or kitchen. One can find many models which bring a more decorative but particularly aesthetic. In addition to these, a ceiling fan also has the advantage of improving heat exchange between the body and the ambient air because it stirs the air in which we find ourselves. It also allows a better functioning of the thermal regulation mechanism. Thereafter, a fan is practically silent allowing to obtain comfort. Some recommendations to properly install a ceiling fan with a lamp If you wish to equip yourself with a ceiling fan with lamp, it is important to respect some recommendations during its installation. The first step is to unpack the material, taking care not to damage the various elements. The blades must be in good condition when the box is opened. Remember to check that all the parts required for installation are present. If everything is normal, the assembly of the different parts of the ceiling fan can be started methodically following the instructions for use. First of all, it is essential to cut the electric current directly to the meter to avoid any risk of electrocution when installing the ceiling fan. Afterwards, the best place to hang the device should be chosen. The ideal location is where the power supply is located. A ceiling fan has a heavy weight that is between 15 and 20 kilos depending on the models. It is therefore essential to fix it securely. The main recommendation is not to install the fan directly on the ceiling without a perfectly adapted support. The fixing of a reinforced support plate may therefore be essential depending on the nature of the material. The installation of the luminaire depends on the model. It's usually very simple. Just install the bulb and fix the globe if there is one. The lighting should also be checked by turning on the light with the rf remote control .