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Susan Dembinski

UserName: SusanDembinski City: Mishawaka State: IN Followers: (0)
My earliest memories of wanted to create started in about the 2nd grade. I would get sheets of typing paper and draw out room designs and house plans. I continued to foster this love to create by taking classes at the local Art League during my elementary and junior high years. I learned many mediums including graphite, oils and pottery. By the time I hit high school I knew that I wanted to do this "art thing" for a living! Keep in mind that the computer world had not yet arrived. I earned a Scholastic Art Scholorship which allowed me to attend Columbus College of Art & Design, where I focused on Illustration and Advertising Design (still pre-computer). Yes, everything including lettering was created by hand. Fast forward to mid-life..... wanting to get back into the world of creating, I took Graphic Design and Photography classes which in turn, jump-started a wedding and portrait business for about 8 years. Wanting to focus more on art that was being made just for the sake of creating art sounded like a good thing, so that brought me to working on my own and doing what made me happy. I love to create and also show others how they can also learn to explore their creative side.