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Stephanie Lovelis

UserName: StephanieLovelis City: Arizona City State: AZ Followers: (0)
Stephanie is a 29 year old mother, who enjoys painting with her 5 year old daughter. As a young girl, her father would leave her sketches to wake up to and always had a geneousely artistic project on his mind. There is a family line rich with artists on her mothers side as well. At the age of 7, Stephanie was introduced to the Grumabacher name. For her birthday, she recieved a pastel set from her grandmother. As she nudged open the danty scalloped brass latches, she paused a moment to appreciate the rustic wooden panels of the case. The dissapointment of recieving a used present quickly vanished once it was open. Branded on the lid was the word "Grumbacher". And just bellow was a set vast with every color imaginable. After feeling and experiencing the fine quality of the pastels, Stephanie could never draw with just chalk again. This moment was when she decided was an artist.