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Louis Schulz

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Louis Schulz began his college career as an art major. He was ordained at age twenty six and currently holds a Doctor of Divinity degree. Recently, he has returned to his love of art. Schulz is an emerging artist who has experienced unusual early success both in the art community and the general public, with sales and gallery acceptance of his inaugural works! His creativity and artistic expression are not perceived through the technical skill of his typically realistic style. It is interpreted through the subtle nuances that are intentionally woven into his work in an effort to share his profound life experiences with the general public. His emphasis is the pursuit of beauty. He sees this beauty in what he describes as, “the agony and the ecstasy of the human experience.” He believes these are the places where God is most observably present. He has been involved with people in their most extreme hours, and it has been in these intimate, private and sacred moments that real miracles have occurred, rather than on stage under the lights. His art shares these real and sometimes raw, emotional and spiritual expressions. He chose the ministry as a young adult to be with people in their hour of need. He chose art in his later years to share those experiences with others. His art is an invitation to go behind the veil into that very private, intimate and sacred world; to share in his observations of life, of people and of God in the agony and the ecstasy of our human experience.