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Leota Bauman

UserName: LeotaBauman City: South Bend State: IN Followers: (3)
Leota Bauman Symphony of Color Artist Statement Whether I work with transparent layers of watercolor or a thick application of acrylic glazes to build textures, I celebrate the music of life. Some of the imagery is an echo of what is observed and other brush strokes are expressions of movement, emotion or sound. Moved by the subject of the work, I enjoy taking the liberty to vacillate between loose and flowing watercolor expression or thick impasto acrylic works. “Symphony of Color” is the continued series of my work based upon my surroundings. Inspiration might be found during a walk as a celebration of nature or change of season, at a concert as a figurative work that expresses a performance or as an observer of fascinating and ever-changing sky in relationship to the varied architecture that defines Chicago. My workplace is a main floor home studio space with natural light that gives me a fresh view of each subject that I tackle. With my drawing board arranged in a sunlit window that overlooks a quiet subdivision in the suburbs, I have found a place that allowed my artwork to blossom. In addition to working on paintings and commission pieces, I connect with other artists by instructing advanced painting skills that have helped to shape my work and allow me to advance artistically. Collaborating with a variety of artists, musicians and neighbors in my life have proven to give me a source of purpose and connection in my work.