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Larry Greenani

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Hi! My name is Larry Greenani. I am work as a medical resume writer. Nearly all establishments that provide medical services to the public employ a variety of medical office personnel. A few of the most common employers include state, local, and private hospitals; community health centers; nursing homes and residential care facilities; government agencies; and doctor’s offices. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 19% of the 1 million receptionists work in physician offices, 21% of the 3.9 million secretaries and assistants work in the healthcare industry, 37% of the 186,300 medical records and health information technicians work in a hospital, and 39% of the 315,500 medical and health services managers work in a hospital. These statistics show that the healthcare industry represents around 20% of the total economy and provides a significant portion of the new jobs that are being created. While most medical office careers exist in hospitals, individuals are commonly able to find a job in just about any branch of the medical field.